Factory 7 – Paint

The Paint plant with its milling component produces various types of primers and coatings suitable for plaster, wood, steel, fiber cement, plastics, etc. The Paint Plant is producing various types of paint. Paint is a liquid component that after application to substance converts into solid form to protect, colour or provide texture to objects.

The different paints being manufactured in the plant are as follows:
Water based paints and primers
Gezile Coatings
We produce Water based paint and primers for:
  • - Plastered surfaces
  • - Automobile
  • - Asphalt and concrete roads
  • - Steel and concrete roofs
  • - Steel surfaces
  • - Wood
  • - Fiber cement
  • - Concrete and rhino board ceiling

We also produce:
  • - Bonding liquids
  • - Varnish
  • - And other protective coatings
Water based paints and primers

We produce Water based paint and primers for:

- plastered surfaces,
- automobile,
- asphalt and concrete roads,
- steel and concrete roofs
- steel surfaces
- wood,
- fiber cement,
- concrete and rhino board

We also produce:
- bonding liquids,
- varnish, and
- other protective coatings